Changing the way we manage people

The strategic importance of HR has never been more evident. Digital disruption is forcing businesses to react quickly and at times dramatically. Employee engagement is critical to maintain a competitive advantage.

Kendo changes the way people are managed, while respecting the fact that some essentials have not changed. To maintain employee engagement people need to know what is expected of them, and they need acknowledgement and recognition as they move towards their goals.

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  • Cascade business goals through your entire organisation

  • Standardised position descriptions and personalised job descriptions

  • Employee driven Career Experience Pathway

  • Audit organisation or individual competencies

  • Real time feedback from fellow employees or clients

  • Request feedback with a simple click

  • Performance Pulse - keeping everyone on track

  • Replace annual reviews with an automated achievements and skills summary

  • K+

    Give Kudos and aim for a position on the leader board

  • Intuitive reporting for better people and business decisions

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